An Equestrian Fashionista

Anyone who knows me, or who has seen me, knows that I’m not exactly a fashionista. Of course I like to wear nice clothes, but you’ll almost never find me in the mall, hopping from store to store, looking at the latest trends and trying on outfit after outfit. Every so often I’m in the mood to do that sort of thing – but only like once or twice a year.

However, I do love clothing lines for the equestrian (there’s a shocker!)…not that I have the money for these fancy things, but I do keep up with these trends! My favorite company is Dubarry and below are my two (one day) must-haves.
This coat is out of my budget as it retails for about $500…but it’s so beautifully crafted and simple, I can’t imagine it ever going out of style.
Below are the classic Dubarry boots – I’ve had my eye on these for about five years now. These, too, retail for around $500, but they are totally worth it. They are completely waterproof and will last forever. There are always Dubarry salesmen who set up booths at the Maryland Horse Expo. You can find them perfectly groomed, decked out from head to toe in their brand, wearing these boots, and standing in a large bucket of water. They stand there ALL day to show potential buyers how wonderfully crafted these boots are – that they can withstand a lot of abuse (which they’ll certainly get if worn around horses!), and that they’ll last for years.
The only thing about these boots – they are just TOO pretty to wear around the muck and mud you’ll find at a farm during the winter! However, after I get my farm (and pay it off!!), I’ll probably invest in a pair of these…love them!

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