Back for Real

I was a little premature with the whole The Boy is Back post. At that particular moment, he was pasture sound and was sound under saddle at the walk (and seemed to be at the trot). A few rides later, he was off again at the trot. [Insert frowny face here].

I waited two more weeks until it was time for his regular trim and brought up the subject of shoes with my farrier. The reason he was barefoot was because his walls just haven’t been strong enough to hold the nails. And we were afraid that if we did try shoes before he was ready and he pulled them off by accident, the nails would rip away even more wall. But after an inspection last week, my farrier deemed him shoe-ready!

Two Saturdays ago, Bailey was able to get shoes for the first time since February. He stood like a perfect gentleman, and his hooves look amazing.

The true test, however, came when I rode him last week, and…success! He was sound at the walk and trot in both directions. After a VERY long road, I hope (fingers crossed!) that Bailey is really back this time! [Insert huge smiley face here!!].

Back for Real


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