Hay, Henry

Hay, Henry is an online equestrian boutique specializing in the “one of a kind for the horsey set, the pony set, and the admirer of the horse, the sport, and a frequent blue ribbon.”

I recently came across this shoppe when I realized that Hay, Henry was linked to Pony Parcel, the monthly subscription box. They are connected through Lindsay Meyer of former Shiny Ponies blog fame, who, in addition to her equestrian ventures, also works alongside her husband on their rice (and more) farm, Congaree & Penn. (Clearly, Lindsay is a very busy lady)!

Anyway, you might be wondering, who is Henry? “He’s the every-gelding, the dream horse, the pony that every little girl wishes for. He’s your first horse, your top horse, your bay, your gray, your schoolmaster, your blue ribbon winner. Henry is a horse, he eats hay, and he’s brilliant.”

And Henry has curated the most dashing finds for us equestrians! He has collections for both the horse and the rider, and he also offers my book, Where the Bluegrass Grows! Aww Henry, you shouldn’t have – how sweet!

Below are some of my favorite picks that can be found on their site here, (the Triple Crown winners print is definitely coming to live with me)! Henry’s also on Instagram @hayhenry. Happy Shopping!

HH 1
HH 2
HH 3
HH 4
HH 5
HH 6
HH 7