For those of you who don’t know, my beloved Pimlico is in danger of being shuttered forever. The venue is in need of some major renovations, and its owner (The Stronarch Group), Baltimore City, and the state of Maryland aren’t exactly sure what to do about it just yet, (although studies are being conducted).

I’m going to do a longer post about these, the status of the renovations, etc., but for right now, I wanted to make you all aware of a new Instagram account I started, @pimlico_oldhilltop. I’m hoping that this account will create awareness about what’s happening with the second oldest track in America and encourage others to stand in unison to save it!

On this account, I’ll be, “showcasing the storied past and chronicling the promising future of Pimlico Race Course.” I’m also using the #savepimlico hashtag like crazy! So please head over to IG, follow @pimlico_oldhilltop, and learn more about this historical track!