Pony Paparazzi

I think I may have mentioned this in an earlier post, but I have nanny cam’ed my horses. James, my very tech-savvy husband, installed a camera in the barn so I can see my girls at any time, day or night.

I can access the camera through a website or through my phone, and I can control it by rotating it 180 degrees in either direction. You’d think I have some valuable broodmares out there or something! But nope – no broodmares, just a valuable OTTB and a valuable pony. As you can see, my girls have their own stall each and can enter and exit into their dry-lot as they wish. Neither mare is very pushy or aggressive, so I don’t worry even if I see them in the same stall together. And their stalls are huge, so there’s plenty of room for snuggling on cold winter nights. Naturally, Misty can’t decide which stall she likes best and spends equal time in each, but they both know which stalls are “theirs.”

Here are the girls snoozing in their stalls on a hot summer day.

Here are the girls snoozing in their stalls on a hot summer day.

If I wanted, I could talk to them through the camera as well…but this freaks Misty out BIG TIME, so I don’t do it. However, if I’m outside playing around with the horses and dinner is ready, James will log on and tell me to hurry up and come in before it gets cold! (My husband is quite the chef – I’m very lucky!).

The girls snuggling on a cold winter's night.

The girls snuggling on a cold winter’s night.

I love being able to check on my horses, and logging in to see them is the last thing I do before I go to bed at night. Komie, the pony, will be 33 in April, so I watch my old girl like a hawk. She’s doing very well though; she has a hearty appetite and especially enjoys her grain (which I add water to for easy chewing). She also loves Sour Cream & Onion Pringles – her favorite treat.

You would not believe how much Misty sleeps!

You would not believe how much Misty sleeps!

James recently installed another camera on the side of the house that overlooks the side field and run-in. He had to climb up on the roof like a monkey to attach it to the house, but I think he rather enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more house/barn/farm updates to come!


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