A View from the Outside

Though James and I had a fairly jam-packed trip to Lexington with touring farms and consuming bourbon, we also took time to just drive around the area and take in some of the magnificent sights. After you’ve driven along Van Meter Road and down Frankfort Pike, you’ll understand why Dreamer writer/director John Gatkins told columnist Rich Copely that Lexington offered “an embarrassment of riches” when it came to shooting locations.

Below are some pictures of the entrances to several farms…can you imagine living here and calling this place ‘home’?!? I begged James more than once to stop the car so I could hop the gates for a better look…but the need to ‘be reasonable’ and the fear of ‘getting arrested’ prevented him from doing that.
Darley Stud – this is where Bernardini stands. He’s Zenyatta’s baby daddy.
Another entrance at Darley.
Not sure of the name of this farm – but these gates were featured in the movie Dreamer. Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning entered through these gates on their way to meet a potential stud for their horse…but the farm they used for this scene was actually Ashford Stud (see pictures of Ashford here).

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