Chapter 1

You guys!! I’m getting ready to *finally* publish my first book – eek!! I can’t believe it! I’ve been talking about this for years! I have a few more tweaks to do for the cover, and then it’s good to go! Check back here (or my Instagram) for updates. In the meantime, below are bits […]


A Literary Update

Remember 5,000 years ago when I told you all that I was in the final editing phase with my first novel? I know – I barely remember it either. But, finally, I have some great news to share! I have, after what has felt like centuries, finished editing this wretched beast my first book! I […]

Book Review: Racing My Father

Like most people, I love reading books that are local to my area, and Patrick Smithwick’s Racing My Father is exactly that. The majority of this book takes place in Maryland hunt country, at Pimlico Racetrack, and the surrounding areas where steeplechase meets are held.   A memoir, my favorite genre, about growing up with […]

Milton Menasco & The Black Stallion Series

While equestrian artist Milton Menasco was best known for his horse portraiture, he was also recognized as the illustrator for four books within The Black Stallion series. This series, published by Random House, released its first book in 1941. Menasco illustrated, including the cover, the following: Son of the Black Stallion, The Black Stallion and […]

Book Review: The Middleburg Mystique

I have an obsession for places that are completely devoted to horses. My most favorite place in the world, (which even trumps Disney World), is Lexington, Kentucky. I also love Saratoga, New York, and have plans to visit both Wellington and Ocala, Florida. Middleburg, Virginia was an easy location to check off my list as […]

Book Review: Show Barn Blues

Natalie Keller Reinert is one of my favorite equestrian authors. I recently interviewed her for Horse & Style Magazine because she is just so cool, and everyone should know! Reinert’s most recent book is Show Barn Blues; I finished it about a month ago and loved it from beginning to end. In SBB, we meet […]

Book Review: Silks

I love a classic who-done-it murder mystery. My grandmother got me hooked on Mary Higgins Clark’s mystery novels years ago, so this genre has always been a favorite. I recently finished Dick and Felix Francis’ novel, Silks, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Believe it or not, this was my first foray into the world of […]

Book Review: The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls

Earlier this summer I finished Anton DiSclafani’s debut novel, The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls. Other than not knowing how to pronounce the title, and a little bit of weirdness toward the end, this book was an absolute page-turner. When we meet Thea Atwell, she is being dropped off at Yonahlossee by her father. We […]

Book Review: Ruffian – A Racetrack Romance

William Nack’s Ruffian – A Racetrack Romance was an excellent follow up to Jane Schwartz’s Ruffian – Burning from the Start as it took on a slightly different perspective. Schwartz focused on straight history: Ruffian’s lineage, her training, and each race. Nack, however, focused on his personal experiences while covering the filly’s career. If William […]

Book Review: Funny Cide

How a Horse, a Trainer, a Jockey, and a Bunch of High School Buddies Took on the Sheiks and Bluebloods…and Won The story of Funny Cide, written by Sally Jenkins, is very reminiscent to the story of Seabiscuit: had this horse not found this particular trainer, these owners, and this jockey, he, most likely, would […]

Book Review: Country Matters

Country Matters: The Pleasures and Tribulations of Moving from a Big City to an Old Country Farmhouse If there’s one thing I love, it’s a great memoir; I will read anyone’s story. I first became acquainted with author Michael Korda through his book Horse People, and enjoyed his outlook on life with horses. He is […]

Book Review: Ride Every Stride

I recently finished reading Amy Maltman’s Ride Every Stride, and it was truly divine. When I read the synopsis and learned that the main character was a male, I was intrigued. Most of the leads in horse books are females, so it was nice to have the other perspective for once! When we meet eighteen […]

Book Review: Merryland

Like most people, I adore literature that takes place in areas I’m familiar with – it’s always fun to read about places I know and love. The characters and descriptions become so much more real, (and if reading a memoir, they are real). Last year I read Josh Pons’ Country Life: Three Years in the […]

2015 Equestrian Summer Reading List

Yes, it’s that time again – time to break out the books for the summer! Below are my ‘equestrian reads’ recommendations, as well as a look at my own list! My Recommendations Turning for Home, by Natalie Keller Reinert In this 4th book of the Alex and Alexander series, Reinert focuses on off-the-track Thoroughbred adoption. […]

Book Review: Equestrian Style

Equestrian Style: Home Design, Couture, and Collections from the Eclectic to the Elegant by Vicky Moon, has been a significant part of my life since I received it last Christmas Eve. Such a wonderful gift from my sister-in-law! An abundance of equestrian topics are brought to life in these chapters, which leave no stone unturned: […]

Book Review: Turning for Home

Turning for Home is Natalie Keller Reinert’s fourth Alex and Alexander novel, and I have happily read each one. While really enjoyed Other People’s Horses (and Claiming Christmas was pretty cute), Turning for Home is probably my favorite. Why? Probably because I finally grew to really like the protagonist, Alex Whitehall. I always liked her […]

Book Review: Ruffian – Burning from the Start

“Girls can be ruffians, too!” Wow – what a story. Last week I finished Jane Schwartz’s Ruffian, and oh my, can you say tear-jerker? I was absolutely sobbing, as I knew I would be, by the end. However, even though it was a painful ending, the journey was well worth it. We begin Ruffian’s story, […]

Random Recollections on Foxhunting

I recently finished a small booklet, Random Recollections on Foxhunting, by Harvey Smith Ladew. If the name Ladew sounds familiar, it’s because I visited his house and gardens a few summers ago and wrote about the tour in this post. His home, “Pleasant Valley Farm,” now known as “The Ladew Topiary Gardens,” is located about […]

Equestrian Romance

I’ve been a fan of author Natalie Keller Reinert’s since I read her first novel, The Head and Not the Heart, and I’ve since picked up the majority of her other books. (Ambition and Turning for Home are on my Kindle waiting for me to hurry up and read them already!). Over the winter, I […]

Poems About Horses

Not too long ago my mother-in-law gave me a book called, Poems About Horses. It’s one of those Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets; they are available on a variety of topics. This one features a multitude of poets and is broken up into eight categories: Entering the World; Horse and Rider; Horses in Mind; Off the […]

Book Review: Star of Shadowbrook Farm

I’m going to get a little sentimental with this post. I know I don’t normally review pre-teen/teen reads, but I wanted to devote an entry to my all-time favorite childhood book. As a kid, of course, many horse books lined my shelves (Misty of Chincoteague, the Billy and Blaze series (a post on that later), […]

Book Review: A Year at the Races

Overall, I very much enjoyed this book, but I will confess that, at times, it was a little slow. That will not stop me, however, from recommending it to all of you because it is beautifully written and tells a story that so many of us horse people recognize as similar renditions of our own […]

Book Review: Horse People

I just finished Michael Korda’s Horse People, and I highly recommend it! Interestingly, I bought this book back in 2007, got a few pages in, declared it boring, and placed it back on my shelf. I’m not sure why I dropped it without giving it a fair shake, but I picked it back up about […]

Poetry Collection Review: Dark Track

I’m a big fan of local eventer/author/poet, Julia Wendell. If her name sounds familiar, it’s because I reviewed her memoir, “Finding My Distance,” and then interviewed her about it in this post. Long before she published her memoir, Julia was producing poems, but “Dark Track” was the first of her poetry collections that I was […]

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