The Red Prince Mare

I feel like I’m always apologizing for my absences on here – sorry friends! It’s been a busy summer, and it has continued into the fall. All is well here, but with work, the farm, and my animals, I haven’t had a lot of time to blog. Also – I’ve been riding more (woo!), so […]


Artist Tim Olden

I came across equestrian artist, Tim Olden, on Instagram, where everything wonderful seems to reside. Right now Tim is perfecting his equestrian art in the watercolor medium, but he is hoping to move on to acrylic soon. Below you will find his Q&A as well as quite a few lovely portraits. I was lucky enough […]

Atlanta Hall

If you read Horse & Style Magazine’s Mar/Apr issue, you will remember my ‘Horse & Style: Home’ feature, Atlanta Hall. The Monkton, Maryland, farm is home to the Voss family (relatives of the great equestrian sporting artist, Franklin Voss,) and many steeplechasers and flat racers. Below are a variety of photos that did not make […]

Polohouse Style

If you’re not following Alison Sherman on Instagram @polohousestyle, do yourself a favor and head over there right now! I’ve been following Alison for quite some time, always admiring her life in a renovated polo barn filled with classic equestrian décor. I was beyond delighted when Alison announced the opening of “The Polohouse,” her Etsy […]

Canvasworks Designs at Ladew Gardens

I came across equestrian artist Lisa Curry Mair of Canvasworks Designs on Instagram (@vtcanvas), and I am head over heels in love with her work! And the good news is that if you live in the Harford County, Maryland, area – you can see her art in person at Ladew Gardens! Lisa has more than […]

Sporting Artist – Franklin Voss

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then it’s probably no secret that I love sporting art. “Sporting art is a relatively modern term. It is traditionally understood to refer to a genre of art that encompasses country pursuits, predominantly in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The art documents the popular rural […]

Stymie Print

If you’ve followed this blog for a bit, then you might remember a few of the posts I did on equestrian artist Milton Menasco. To give you quick refresher, Menasco was born in 1890 in Los Angeles, and began his career as an artist in Hollywood creating movie posters. By 1925, Menasco found himself in […]

Postcard Décor

This post will be the first of many regarding the Voss family, particularly renowned sporting art artist, Franklin Voss. I will give a variety of history regarding Franklin in another entry, but today I’m going to focus on one of his most famous portraits, Man o’ War as a Two-year Old. This piece was painted […]

A Kentucky-Inspired California Ranch – Part III

As you might know from my Instagram, I have a new column with Horse & Style Magazine – “Horse & Style Home.” As I mentioned in Parts I and II, I’m breaking the article up into a few parts so I can post more pictures (some exclusives that weren’t in the magazine)! To read the […]

A Kentucky-Inspired California Ranch – Part II

As you might know from my Instagram, I have a new column with Horse & Style Magazine – “Horse & Style Home.” As I mentioned in Part I, I’m breaking the article up into a few parts so I can post more pictures (some exclusives that weren’t in the magazine)! To read the whole article […]

A Kentucky-Inspired California Ranch – Part I

As you might know from my Instagram, I have a new column with Horse & Style Magazine – “Horse & Style Home.” Each issue we will feature exceptional equestrian homes, décor, design, and more! First up is Alli Addison’s “Kentucky-Inspired California Ranch.” I’m breaking the article up into a few parts so I can post […]

An Equestrian Mudroom

I have shared some pictures of my equestrian-themed mudroom on Instagram, but I don’t believe I’ve ever blogged about it. I recently gave it a tremendous cleaning (lots of muddy paw prints abounded!), and restyled my shelf. I love how it came out! I guess I shouldn’t say it’s “equestrian-themed” as the room just became […]

Racehorse Series

As you all know by now, Liz Wiley is one of my favorite equestrian artists. Her work is superb, and I am lucky enough to own a few pieces. Recently, she launched a new series – the Racehorse Series – and, of course, I was an instant fan! Below are some of my favorites. These […]

Candles Off Main

If you remember this post, I reviewed Annapolis Candle Company, a business owned by my friends Michael and Jenny. With the growth of this successful line, they expanded into a brick and mortar shop in Annapolis, Maryland – Candles Off Main. Candles Off Main is a luxury candle boutique where you can find 25+ high-end […]

Living Room Décor – Reading Nook

I’m back! Sorry I’ve been so sporadic with my posts – the fall has just gotten away from me. A week in Disney threw me off, and then I blinked and Thanksgiving was upon us! Anyway, today I’m going to share some pictures of my living room – specifically, this is the area I call […]

Sporting Art Auction

“Keeneland Association and Cross Gate Gallery of Lexington are again teaming to conduct the fourth annual Sporting Art Auction, to be held Monday, Nov. 21, at 4 p.m. ET in the Keeneland Sales Pavilion. The 2016 collection features 175 high-quality lots representing fine sporting art, American paintings, and sculpture from renowned masters as well as […]

Katie Kime Wallpaper

A friend recently sent me a link to this equestrian-patterned wallpaper by Katie Kime. It’s funny because I’ve been thinking about adding wallpaper into the mix at my fixer upper! Specifically, I think a fun, vibrant print would work well as an accent wall in my bedroom or in a bathroom. I’ve never used wallpaper […]

Living Room Bar Cart

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you know that I’m a yard sale junkie. I had been on the lookout for a bar cart at yard and garage sales for quite some time, but I wasn’t having any luck. You also know that with my horses and my home renovations, it’s […]

Villa Topiary’s Home Décor

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that I post about Villa Topiary a lot, but I can’t help it! They are the coolest shoppe out there! According to their Etsy page, “Villa Topiary creates unique, handmade preserved moss, faux boxwood and faux floral topiaries you will not see anywhere else. [They are] now […]

Thierry Horse & Home + Décor

Last year, I discovered Thierry Horse & Home and wrote about them here on my blog. A lovely company located in British Columbia, Canada, Thierry was founded in 2015. Their first products to hit the shelves were horse bits, and they have continued to educate the equestrian public on the differences between high-quality and poorly-made […]

Pinterest Showcase: Equestrian Details

This Pinterest board is one of my favorites because I think it’s pretty unique. It’s about the little things that make a home an equestrian home: doorknockers, weathervanes, and small touches here and there. Follow me on Pinterest at MarylandEQ. +30   

The Maryland Horse: An Artist’s View

An Art Show, “The Maryland Horse: An Artist’s View,” will feature the original work by equestrian artist, Sam Robinson. Sam is a Maryland native and currently lives in the Greenspring Valley of Baltimore County where he has a home and studio on a small part of Burnside Farm. “I am near some of Maryland’s great […]

E.quine Art Exhibit

Baltimore friends! Artist Ashley Milburn’s new body of work, “E.quine,” will be on display next month. “Gallery 1448 is happy to present “E.quine.” The subject of these powerful, yet lyrical watercolors and ink wash drawings on paper is the horse, a departure for Milburn, who is known for his visualizations of issues concerning race relations. […]

Review of KentuckyBredByDesign

I posted about etsy shop, KentuckyBredByDesign, last year before I had actually been a customer of theirs. I have since ordered two products from them, and I am SO pleased with both! The first is the horseracing jockey silks. This is a large piece that I’ve hung on my front door. My sister has similar […]

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