Dear Misty


Now that spring is on its way, I’m so motivated to get back into the swing of things with my riding. Unfortunately, Misty has had most of the winter off…so you know what that means! I’ll be riding a crazy monster for a few weeks until she settles!

Last October, Misty started having some problems with her eyes…she was quite pathetic looking and required medication 3 to 4 times a day from mid-October to early January. During this exhausting time, we also made two trips toNewBoltonCenter(the Johns Hopkins of horse hospitals) as well.
The good news is that Misty is totally fine! The bad news is that I really couldn’t ride her while her eyes were swollen shut.
My farm is absolutely beautiful, but we don’t have an indoor riding ring – so for the rest of the winter (once Misty was better), I was basically at the mercy of Old Man Winter. Old Man hates me, apparently, because he ignored my wishes for mild temperatures and snow and ice covered my outdoor ring for weeks.
Meanwhile, I was taking dressage lessons at another farm to keep myself in shape. But Misty, however, isn’t too fit right now. The few times I’ve ridden her in the past three weeks haven’t gone exactly as planned. Since she’s been “off” for the winter, she’s gotten lazy…and just doesn’t want to do anything. She seems to think that lying around her field, chatting with her buddies, and eating me out of house and home is a perfectly acceptable job.
However, just like last year, I’m confident that she’ll get better and better with each ride…and will start to get her head in the game, so to speak. But for right now, I’m stuck with a crazy mare who, in her spare time, has perfected her spin/jump/buck combination. Luckily for me, I’m pretty good at landing on my feet!
Come on spring – bring me some nice, warm (NOT rainy) days so I can really get going with my training! Misty and I can hardly wait! (Okay, obviously Misty can wait…but I’m excited!).
I cannot wait for another field full of buttercups!

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