E.quine Art Exhibit

This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 at 2:44 pm.

Baltimore friends! Artist Ashley Milburn’s new body of work, “E.quine,” will be on display next month.

“Gallery 1448 is happy to present “E.quine.” The subject of these powerful, yet lyrical watercolors and ink wash drawings on paper is the horse, a departure for Milburn, who is known for his visualizations of issues concerning race relations. The springboard for the current subject matter was a painting by Milburn depicting the legend of Jocko Graves, a young black boy who is said to have frozen to death while tending George Washington’s horses as Washington was crossing the Delaware during a snowstorm on Christmas Day, 1776. The strong, but gentle curve of the horse’s neck spoke to Milburn of protection and power which inspired him to continue exploring the form.”

In his statement, Milburn says:

I want to capture more of the “spirit” of the horse. The horse is a visual equivalent for power and gentleness. My work seeks to explore the nature of this power. The works are not meant to be portraits of the horse; I’ve tried to push past what I know about painting the horse to seek more. For me, the power lies within the head and torso, the intellect and the heart.

“Milburn’s work, influenced by the past, adds another layer to artists’ fascination with an animal whose service to mankind contradicts its wild nature. His strong portrayals of the horse’s form reveal both the boldness and the softness of its character.”

If you’re in the area, this is an exhibit you won’t want to miss – the artwork I’ve seen so far has been phenomenal!

Gallery 1448
1448 East Baltimore Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21231

Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 1-5 pm or by appointment
The show runs through Sunday, May 29, 2016.

Equine Exhibit 1
Equine Exhibit 2
Equine Exhibit 3
Equine Exhibit 4

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