Pinterest Showcase: The Equestrienne

If you’ve been following this blog from a while, then you know I’m not the biggest fashionista out there. I try, I honestly do, but at the end of the day, I’m just not a clothes horse (pun intended). I think part of it is, and I just mentioned this in a recent Instagram post, that I keep my horses in my backyard, so no one ever sees me ride – there’s no one to impress! I usually ride in a ratty t-shirt and shorts and half-chaps (in the summer); I do feel like I look a little more presentable during the winter though, (coat, scarf, and nice breeches).

Also, I work from home, so I literally have zero reasons to buy nice clothes. But that’s going to change! I want to begin incorporating equestrian fashions into my everyday wardrobe, and as pieces begin to wear, they will be relegated into my riding closet.

Below are some of my favorite pictures from my Pinterest board, The Equestrienne. Hope they inspire you to dress better – they certainly do for me!

The E 1
The E 2
The E 3
The E 4
The E 5
The E 6
The E 7
The E 8