The Great Match

As you know from this book review, I finished reading Ruffian, by Jane Schwartz, a few weeks ago and immediately fell head over heels for the ill-fated filly. Of course, I was somewhat aware of her story (and her tragic end), but I never knew all the details.

As stated in the review, the filly was truly unmatched. She won every race with ease. When I read that Ruffian (and Foolish Pleasure) buttons were given out prior to the Great Match, I hit up ebay to see if I could find a small piece of her history. Sure enough, I found the below button for $10 and quickly purchased it.

Now it sits on my bookshelf right behind my desk. It is a constant reminder, not of the sad ending to Ruffian’s story, but of her greatness, her triumphs, and her magic. She truly was ‘burning from the start.’

Ruffian Pin


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