Thierry Horse & Home + Décor

Last year, I discovered Thierry Horse & Home and wrote about them here on my blog. A lovely company located in British Columbia, Canada, Thierry was founded in 2015. Their first products to hit the shelves were horse bits, and they have continued to educate the equestrian public on the differences between high-quality and poorly-made equine goods.

This company “was built on the idea that everything from our horse to our home should be exceptional in character, elegance, and quality.” Since their opening, Thierry has expanded by adding a home décor line offering four stunning equestrian-inspired lamps.

There are two styles of lamps with two versions of each. The first is the hand-crafted Vintage Style Canter Table Lamp. The Canter Table lamp features a polished wood trim, antique horse fabric design with brass finishing, and includes a shade crafted with premium Belgium Linen. The fabric is Ralph Lauren 100% cotton soil/oil repellent made in the United States.

There are two options with this lamp: Hunter Fence and Rose Garland Mount. The colors for both are pink and cream. I love both, but there’s something about the Rose Garland Mount scene that takes my breath away!

Thierry Lamp 1
Thierry Lamp 3
Thierry Lamp 4

The second lamp is the hand-crafted Vintage Style Derby Table Lamp. The Derby Table lamp also features a polished wood trim and antique horse fabric design with brass finishing. It also includes a shade crafted with premium Belgium Linen and Ralph Lauren’s 100% cotton fabric. Since all lamps are hand-crafted, please allow 4-6 weeks to ship.

This one comes in two versions as well: Laced Rein and Hunter Buckle. The colors for both is linen beige, so they will go with any color-scheme in any room! Which one do you like best? I love the neutrality of these!

Thierry Lamp 5
Thierry Lamp 6
Thierry Lamp 7

All lamps are handmade and all materials (except electrical hardware) are sourced in North America. All people involved in crafting these gorgeous products are paid fairly and work under good conditions. This is something that is extremely important to Thierry Horse & Home, and I’m sure most customers will appreciate this, (I know I do)!

I’m so happy that Thierry has ventured into the world of equestrian home décor, and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Want to learn more about Thierry Horse & Home? You can find them online here as well as on Instagram @thierrycompany! Enjoy!