Verb(ing) – VII

I’m currently reading Erika Robuck’s Receive Me Falling. This is the first of her 5 books (her 6th is coming in May) and this is the only one she self-published. According to my Kindle, I’m 40% through, and it’s very intriguing! I have also read (and enjoyed) two of her other books, Hemingway’s Girl and Call Me Zelda.

Also, I’m reading my latest article for Horse & Style Magazine!

Receive Me Falling

The mudroom renovation is almost complete, which means it’s time to decorate! Of course I’m repurposing a bunch of equestrian pieces I have around here, but I need some furniture as well: a chair, a side table, and a lamp. I would love a chair like the one below.


I have quite a few irons in the fire right now. Of course I’m still at my regular 9-5, but I’m also taking real estate classes and increasing my extracurricular writing via my blog and Horse & Style. I’m also working on one additional business venture with my neighbor, who is also my farrier. I will give you all more info as soon as I can, but here’s one hint: there’s going to be a new “thrush buster” in town!!!


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