“You’re Officially a Horse Person”

Isn’t it nice when someone else confirms what you already know? A few weeks ago I was at the barn on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Maryland has had a record-breaking warm winter, followed by a glorious spring. So on that sunny day, where else would I be?

Knowing that he’d find me there, my brother, Andy, showed up to chat. Clad in jeans and a polo with an ever-present coffee in his hand, I greeted my State Trooper brother as he walked down the lane towards our barn/Misty’s pasture.

Me with my brother and sister – best friends!

He leaned against the fence while I was just on the inside cleaning the run-in. Misty shares two large connecting paddocks and this run-in with her BFF, my first pony, Takoma Star. “Komie” is a Mustang and just celebrated her 31st birthday last week! Both girls are pretty devoted to one another. They’re “my bay and her grey.”

Andy and I have a lot in common. We both love being outside…both love the country…both love peace and quiet. All-in-all, we’re very simple people. In the next year, our hope is to buy some property together. James and I would buy a small farmette that’s sub-dividable and then sell a small portion to Andy so he can build the house of his dreams, a New England style salt-box.

So on this day, our conversation turned to, what else, the dream we both share for our future. As I wistfully recounted what, in my eyes, would constitute as the perfect place (level acreage, barn, pastures, riding ring, maybe access to trails), Andy nodded and said very matter-of-factly, “yep, you’re officially a horse person. You care more about your horses’ home than your own.” And he was right – what I want for my home never seems to come into play.

But what a perfect compliment! I think any horse person would agree – it’s nice to be recognized for what you really and truly are. Horse people take pride in exactly that, being horse people. And on that day, standing in the run-in in a tattered t-shirt, jeans, and my Mucks Co. boots, sprucing up my girls’ home, I believed I radiated “horse person.”


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